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The J.P. Morgan Guide to Credit Derivatives

by J.P. Morgan, and
The RiskMetrics Group


Introduction: Credit Derivatives are continuing to enjoy major growth in the financial markets, aided and abetted by sophisticated product development and the expansion of product applications beyond price management to the strategic management of portfolio risk. As Blythe Masters, global head of credit derivatives marketing at J.P. Morgan in New York points out: "In bypassing barriers between different classes, maturities, rating categories, debt seniority levels and so on, credit derivatives are creating enormous opportunities to exploit and profit from associated discontinuities in the pricing of credit risk". With such intense and rapid product development Risk Publications is delighted to introduce the first Guide to Credit Derivatives, a joint project with J.P. Morgan, a pioneer in the use of credit derivatives, with contributions from the RiskMetrics Group, a leading provider of risk management research, data, software, and education. The guide will be of great value to risk managers addressing portfolio concentration risk, issuers seeking to minimize the cost of liquidity in the debt capital markets and investors pursuing assets that offer attractive relative value.

Download paper (725K PDF) 88 pages