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You can submit your research to be posted on  My goal is to be broadly inclusive while focusing sharply on my topic area. Academic research will be placed ahead of commercial research. On the first page of your paper, I strongly encourage you to include at least: 1) the Email address of a "correspondent author", and 2) the paper's date to (later) help distinguish it from subsequent drafts.
Fields in Bold are required.

Paper's Title:

URL of PDF file:
          (should end in ".pdf")
( I regret that my server space is at it's limits and I cannot "host" additional PDF files on my server.  If you do not have a webpage where you can post your paper, I encourage you to consider MPRA.  I can link to papers in the MPRA plus they will be automatically included in the IDEAS index.  Please note that I cannot link to papers held within the SSRN.  Also, I cannot link to papers behind a log-in -- even a "free" log-in.

URL of the Reference page:
          (i.e., your "working papers" web page)

Email of correspondent author:

Note that Affiliation is required for each listed author and "N/A", "Independent", "Self", etc. are not sufficient.

1 st Author:             Correspondent?

2 nd Author: Correspondent?

3 rd Author: Correspondent?

4 th Author: Correspondent?

5 th Author: Correspondent?
(For more than 5 authors, I will search the PDF file.)

Current Date of Paper (NOT the date of submission):



Note that I will check the PDF file for special characters and equations.  So you do not have to enter them here.  Entering an abstract is optional although it would be convenient if your paper does not have one printed in the PDF.

JEL Classification: (JELs currently on this site)
(Separate each by a comma and a space.)

AMS Classification: (AMSs currently on this site)
(Separate each by a comma and a space.)

Key words and phrases:

(Separate each by a comma and a space.)

Title of previous version IF it was different:

Publication reference IF it appears in a journal:

Your Name:                                                                        Your Email:                                                                   

Note: does not seek to have copyright to any content or paper submitted here. You grant only a non-exclusive license to publish your content and paper. By clicking the "Submit Form" button below, you represent that you have rights to grant such license.

One final question ... what is President Obama's last name?


Why am I asking such a silly and obvious question?  Because I'm being bombarded with messages from "bots" (i.e., automated scripts that surf the Internet submitting advertisements/solicitations to open forms like this one.)  An automated script won't be able to answer this simple question.