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Kenyon, Chris, and Richard Kenyon, "DVA for Assets", RISK, 26(2), February 2013, pp. 72-75.

Abstract: The effect of self-default on the valuation of liabilities and derivatives (DVA) has been widely discussed but the effect on assets has not received similar attention. Any asset whose value depends on the status, or existence, of the firm will have a DVA. We extend (Burgard and Kjaer 2011) to provide a hedging strategy for such assets and provide an in-depth example from the balance sheet (Goodwill). We calibrate our model to seven US banks over the crisis period of mid-2007 to 2011. This suggests that their reported profits would have changed significantly if DVA on assets, as well as liabilities, was included - unless the DVA was hedged.

JEL Classification: G12, G18, G2, G33, G28, G34, M4, D52.

AMS Classification: 91B28, 91B70, 91G40, 90A09, 60J75.

Keywords: DVA, hedging, assets, balance sheet, accounting, tax, Goodwill.

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